Muir House – 1879

Muir House 2014The Muir Log House celebrated its 135th Anniversary in 2014.  The house was built in 1879, by the Muir family, who were early pioneers in the MacGregor district.  The house was moved to the Museum in 1971, from the just-southeast of the present town of MacGregor.  It is a one and half story structure that measures 14’ X 16’ with a wood shingled roof and wooden eaves trough. On the wall in the kitchen of the house, is a photograph of the first generation (in later years) of the Muir family with five children from 1910.  This was quite a small number considering the third generation that lived in the house had 10 children! The house is furnished with many artifacts that belonged to the Muir family.  The artifacts date from between 1860 and 1900.

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