Board of Directors

Angie Klym (President) is a Treasury Specialist with the Royal Bank of Canada. Angie joined the board in August 2017 with her term expiring in March 2020.

Gerry Currie (First Vice President) A life-long resident of Austin, MB who works as loss control manager for the Portage Mutual Insurance Company. A strong believer in community development, Gerry has been Chief of the Austin Fire Department for the past 25 years and currently serves on the board of Stride Credit Union. Gerry joined the MAM board in August 2017 with his term expiring in March 2018.

Robert Beamish (Second Vice President) Since 1970 Robert has been a volunteer, his family joining him as active museum volunteers in 1977. From Hamiota, MB, Robert works at Prairie Mountain Health at the Hamiota Health Center and runs the family farm. He has been a board member since February 1990 with his current term expiring in March 2019.

Don Wadge (Treasurer) is a professional controller with 35 years’ experience in industrial manufacturing businesses in Winnipeg, MB. With a passion for preserving the history of Manitoba’s famous Versatile farm machinery, Don joined the board in 2017 with his term expiring in March 2020.

Gordon Goldsborough (Secretary) is the Head Researcher, Webmaster, and a Past President of the Manitoba Historical Society, and Production Coordinator of Manitoba History magazine. He is a member of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Manitoba, and Chair of the Manitoba Water Council. Gordon joined the board in August 2017 with his term expiring in March 2019.

Brad Moorehead From Douglas, MB, Brad is an active community volunteer and museum member. He joined the board in 1998 with 18 years served in that time. His term expires in March 2019.

Cory Christison is a third-generation museum volunteer with a strong interest in gas tractors. From Brandon, MB, Cory works for Kal-Tire and spends his summer weekends on the road as the race announcer for the Manitoba Pro Chuckwagon & Chariot Association. Cory joined the board in 2007 with his term expiring in March 2018.

Darren Smith is a small business owner with expertise in the services industries for the past 30 years. His current business is automotive restoration, sales, and business planning in Oakbank, MB. Darin joined the board in August 2017 with his term expiring in March 2020.

Dennis Pohl is an industrial mechanic and owner of DGP Industrial Solutions. He first joined the board in 1998 serving many terms throughout. He is also the Manitoba Agricultural Museum’s resident volunteer with his term expiring in March 2018.

Erron Leafloor is a professional agricultural engineer. While working for manufacturing firms across the Prairies, Erron has had the opportunity to volunteer with and build relationships with Western Canada’s largest agricultural museums. Originally from Killarney, MB, Erron joined the board in August 2017 with his term expiring in March 2020.

Glenn Lennox retired in 2010 after a 30-year career as a policy analyst with Agriculture Canada. He continues as a partner in Lennox Farms and his interests include genealogy, videography, antique cars and snowmobiles in addition to antique farm machinery. From Rivers, MB, Glenn rejoined the board in September 2017 with his term expiring in March 2018.

Greg McConnell From Birnie, MB Greg runs a cattle and grain farming operation with his wife Cheryl and son John. A strong community organizer, Greg is a councilor for the Rural Municipality of Glenella-Lansdowne and serves on the board of Beautiful Plains Credit Union where he has sat on the Audit and Human Resources committees. Greg joined the board in August 2017 with his term expiring in March 2019.

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